Pure Friendships Take You Places!

When you know and trust who’s driving the bus, you won’t let the road blocks defeat you, you won’t become impatient when there are many stops along the way, you won’t follow or lose sight of the destination when people get on or get off the bus. Even if the gas runs out you won’t deem it as the end of the road because you know where your provision comes from. The journey and the vision are clear. Some roads will be dark, stay on the bus. Some roads will be deserted, narrow, seem close to the edge of the cliff, and have road kill; however, stay on the bus. Be child-like with excitement formed from a build-up of faith and not child-like by repeatedly asking “are we there yet?”. Every Journey has a time of arrival and yours is sure to come, if you just stay on the bus!
-Samantha Liberal
@PureFriendships 💛💜💙

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