About Us



Samantha D. Liberal, formally known as The Friendship Enthusiast, is an advocate for the “new friends” movement. She has always had a heart for friendships, and it has always been her desire to help people journeying to purpose experience the blessings and favor that comes with friendship. Through her years of growing spiritually, Samantha D. Liberal quickly made all the challenging changes to birth Pure Friendships. Pure Friendships serves as a community based organization that encourages social and economical growth while applying Kingdom principles and value systems. The Friendship Enthusiast knows that friendship is not easy simply because it requires you to interact with people that may have different morals, mindsets, and beliefs but it sure is worth it if it is done the right way. With over 10 years of experience, Samantha D. Liberal has gained the knowledge and wisdom to help many people get through the struggles or sustaining pure friendships as you find greater purpose. Ordained as a Prophet by God, uniquely creative overall, and filled with personality, The Friendship Enthusiast, uses her God-given gifts to share her story with millions of people effectively hoping to impact the way in which they choose to do friendships! Pure Friendships provides advisory to local events in and outside of the community to help shape the interactions amongst those who desire to really gain intimately from networking engagements. Samantha D. Liberal has impacted on panels, podcasts, and have been noted as a guest speaker to other events in collaboration for empowerment.

A message from the founder:

So Friend…..

What type of friend are you? Can you easily answer this question? If so, are you sure? Lol I know friend, most of us are pretty sure about what we think friendship is but are we right? If the answers to these questions matter to you, be sure to take our free online What Type of Friend Are You Quiz by clicking on the linktree page. 

I just want you to know that Pure friendships are important, and I truly believe that God intended for every friendship to be beneficial spiritually, mentally, and physically. The truth is, a lot of us are not sure what it takes to build a pure friendship and on the contrary some people know what it takes and choose not to put in the work to fully unlock those benefits.

A Pure Friendship is not just “true” or “real”, it contains, builds, and offers everything the bible says about the fruit of the spirit. What if I told you that God has chosen specific people to place in the plan that He has for you to fulfill your purpose, prosper you, and to keep you from harm? Wouldn’t this make for a promising future?

The mission of Pure Friendships is to enlighten and cultivate people with the word  and value systems of God as guidance to ultimately unify us in the most common relationship, friendship! As a best-selling author and journalist, Samantha D. Liberal plans to bridge the gap between making friends and keeping them. Her plans is to journey life in the spheres of media and entertainment while aiming to impact people by shaking up the world one friendship at a time.